Precision is the Key
We at Anasim Technologies bring to bear diverse engineering approach and discipline to engineering problems. For detials, click here.

Samples of Projects
Anasim Technologies employs a diversified staff of engineering experts and scientists in civil/environmental, polymer/Plastics, electrical, structural engineering fields. For samples of our projects, click here.

Univ. of MA, Campus Center

"Providing engineered solutions to common/uncommon infrastructural problems!"

AnasimeTechnologies, Inc

Univ. of MA, BOSTON

"Campus Center, Boston Harbor, Columbia Point Peninsula, Boston MA"

AnasimTechnologies, Inc

Pond Outlet Control

"Retention Pond Outfall Control Structure, Pembroke, MA"

Anasim Technologies, Inc

MA Dept. of Correction

"1,024 cell maximum security Facility, Lancaster/Shirley, MA"

AnasimTechnologies, Inc

Precision Engineering

"Providing engineered solutions to common/uncommon infrastructural problems"

AnasimTechnologies, Inc

Welcome to Anasim Technologies, Inc

Here at Anasim Technologies, Inc, we offer remarkable engineering design and land development services. Through the years, we have been providing topmost solutions and services all throughout Massachusetts. We are proud to be in the problem solving business committed to provide you with incomparable and competitive solutions. With our years in the industry, we have been working with land developers, architects and contractors for both government and private entities.

We offer services in Civil/Environmental Engineering, Survey & Mapping, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Polymer/Plastics Engineering, Construction Administration and Permitting. Our senior staff members are seasoned in the art of trouble shooting and proffering solutions to tasking problems. Our work testifies to our passion for engineered solutions. We work best in an array of government bodies, whether it is federal, state or municipalities.

Our Services Include:
- Environmental permitting and impact assessment
- infrastructure development
- water supply and distribution system design
- highway and building structures
- design and reviews
- bridge inspection services
- power plants analysis
- motor sizing, controls and specifications
- power design and distribution
- testing of mechanical properties of polymers/plastics
- dynamic rheological data
- electro rheological fluids

Our philosophy is to measure twice, crosscheck and cut once, while delivering on schedule, on budget and above all, standard professional product. Three prior significant contributions of our Site group member, before Anasim Technologies, are the University of Massachusetts, Boston – New Campus Center site engineering, Utilities upgrade for Long Island, Boston and site engineering for the Maximum Security Facility for Massachusetts Department of Correction.

We encourage you to browse our website to see how we can help you. For detailed information of our services, please go to the Services page. For inquiries, contact us today at 617-307-1231. Anasim Technologies, Inc proudly serves the entire Massachusetts area.